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Purchasing a new home can be one of the most exciting yet complicated things one does in their lives. Unfortunately, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome during the process. In fact, even those purchasing their second home tend to make mistakes; that’s how complicated it can get. This is why so many buyers seek the services of a mortgage broker to do the heavy lifting and remove much of the burden from their lives. However, many new buyers might not be too familiar with the term mortgage broker, let alone what they bring to the table. Therefore, the following list includes some of the duties of a mortgage broker and why you may consider bringing one into your home buying process.

The Middle Man

Perhaps the most common nickname given to mortgage brokers is middle man, and rightfully so. Mortgage brokers stand between yourself (the borrower) and the lender. This is important because lenders don’t give out loans to just anyone. There is a tremendous amount of negotiation and paperwork that must be completed, reviewed, edited, and re-submitted until both parties are satisfied. This, to say the least, is not the most exciting nor peaceful part of the home buying process. Therefore, having a mortgage broker to handle the back and forth is a good thing to have.

Record Keeping

As stated above, a mortgage broker usually takes care of any negotiations made between yourself and the lender. However, that’s not all they are able to handle for you. Both lenders and sellers will often ask for other types of documents, such as your credit report or a pre-approved mortgage letter. Having to stop everything you do to look for them and make sure they are delivered can be extremely time-consuming, and you potentially could lose out on a home deal. Mortgage brokers tend to have these documents on hand already and thus prevent these requests from being an issue.


The home buying process is a complicated process that can present some difficult obstacles to home buyers. Only through experience can someone avoid these types of issues from coming up. Mortgage brokers have the experience needed to help you (the buyer) avoid costly mistakes, such as not looking over the home inspection documents.