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Brian Decker

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Understanding mortgages and loans are one of the most important things to nail down. The purchases behind these things are some of the biggest purchases a person can make, and yet most people are walking blind through a dark night when it comes to understand what is best for them and their unique circumstances.

This is where Brian Decker enters the scene. “Listen, talking about this stuff can be boring, I get it,” he laughs. “But that’s why it’s so important you meet people where they’re at and convey a message they understand — and, better yet, one they want to hear.”

Brian was one of the first loan officers in the U.S. to develop and build his entire brand through social media. With an intrinsic ability to understand the importance of implementing technology into the industry, Brian formed TOP with the mission of having multiple Top 50 originators work together to bring relevant content and training to the mortgage industry.

Some of the Stats

Brian Decker personally funded over $200,000,000 each year in mortgage loan volume, a feat that contributed to his mention as one of the top 10 loan officers in the U.S. for purchase loan volume and top 20 in the U.S. for total mortgage loan volume. But Brian’s passion isn’t a mere rising to the top. “At the end, it has to be about helping people and positively affecting their futures.” A mission statement that has led Brian to focus his brand on educating his customers on each and every available option.

Brian spends two to three times longer than the average loan officer during his client initial pre-approval process. He leads a team that not only takes the time to explain to their client via phone but also makes over 40 minutes of custom videos for each and every client. Starting with the pre-approval process each client receives a custom 3 to 5 minute video AFTER this initial Pre Approval to make sure they completely understand the process. Each video re-iterates the highlights of each and every program available, removing all the smoke and mirrors of a normal mortgage process. This is just one of the many reasons why Brian Decker was the #1 mortgage originator for FHA purchase loans the last three years in a row (2016-2018). A pretty crazy feat considering there are over 300,000 loan officers in the U.S.

His Story

For over 7 years, Brian Decker was a predominant and highly-successful refinance originator. In 2012 alone, he funded over $170MM in refinance business which made up 95% of his personal production. From there, he did something that threw the industry head over heels — something that a lot of people may call crazy — he threw that entire successful business model out the door. From there, he decided to relocate his branch to his childhood home town and move into a completely new market. But within two years, Brian Decker was back up to funding over $200MM in business, now recognized as one of the only loan officers to have ever gone from being one of the Top 20 refinance loan officers in the country and one of the Top 20 purchase loan officers in the country.

Brian Decker is the #1 loan officer in the U.S. for FHA purchase loans in 2017 and 2018




Relevant Positions

Managing Partner, Modern Lending

Modern Lending is changing the mortgage industry and embracing the new model in mortgage origination giving the country’s top mortgage originators the opportunity to win every deal without losing the support that retail offered. Brian Decker currently works with Modern Lending.

VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate

Brian Decker was the Sales Manager and VP of Mortgage Lending for the Orange County and Temecula offices of Guaranteed Rate. As one of the nation’s Top 50 Mortgage Originators (Top 1% of the Top 1%) his experience, 24/7 service and dedication to his clients is why the area’s top realtors chose him as their preferred lender.

Originating Branch Manager, City 1st Mortgage Services

#1 Mortgage Originator and Branch Manager with City First Mortgage (volume & loan production). Brian was honored on multiple occasions as one of the Top 50 Mortgage Originators in the United States Residential mortgage originator specializing in purchase and refinance loans.



Brian Decker graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Accounting and Finance, receiving his degree with Highest Honors.

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